Compass, lensatic

Military issue lensatic compass, a classic. Bullet proof compass, made for lots of extreme hard use. No longer made, getting very hard to find. Comes in carrying case with lanyard.

Back up Iron sights {BUIS}

GI issue back up iron sights. Extremely well made rear sight for AR series of weapons. Flip up peep with easy to change range adjuster. Retail for over $100- very limited quantities available.

Spring Loaded Bi-Pod Foregrip

Quickly deploy the Bi-Pod with a push of a button.Tactical Rifle Foregrip Bi-pod w/button trigger releaseThe Hangar 18 Foregrip Bipod takes tactical bipods to the next level. This vertical foregrip handle will mount on your rifle and with a press of button will transform from a vertical Foregrip Handle into a fully functional bipod to help steady your sight.

Check out the video for this Bi-pod

Closed size: 160mm x 45mm x 50mm Open size: 230mm x 155mm x 50mm
Color: Black
Mount Base: Picatinny/Weaver

Fore-grip with a strong and stable bi-pod.
Push a button to deploy instantly
Steel legs

30 Round Magazines M-16/M-4/AR-15 Pre-Ban

30 Round Magazines M-16/M-4/AR-15 Pre-Ban

Original G.I. Issue 30 Round magazines, pre 1994 production.  Preban AR-15 mags are grandfathered legal and are VERY RARE and HARD TO FIND! Extremely limited supply and there will be no more in the future.

Extended Cold Weather Gore-Tex Pants

Wind proof as well as water proof, and Gore-Tex breaths. Woodland camo or desert pattern. Gore-Tex have slash pockets and zippered legs for ease on getting them on over boots.

Extended cold weather Gore-Tex Parkas

Woodland camo or desert pattern. These Gore-Tex Parkas keep you warm and totally dry, yet breaths. These Gore-Tex Parkas are wind proof with hood and large pockets. The best for hunting, motorcycling, camping etc. New.

Modular 3 Sleeping Bag System

2 bag sleep system – 1 winter and 1 summer patrol bag that can be combined for a Winter system, rated to -30.  Also the summer/patrol bag can be used by itself for warmer weather use, and is lite weigth and very compact. Woodland camo gore-tex cover and stuff sack are included with the system. Gortex cover keeps the bag clean, dry, and is windproof as well. Sleep systems are in excellent condition ready for years of hard use. Also some new, still in the sealed factory plastic bag, are also available.


BDU Blouse

Battle Dress Uniform Blouse – 4 pocket, all button closures, re-inforced elbows. Classic BDU Blouse! Superbly made garment, made in the US of course. Starting at: $10.00

BDU Pants

Battle Dress Uniform Pants – 6 total pockets, 2 large cargo, all button closures, reinforced knees and butt on these BDU Camo Pants. Starting at: $12.00