Mountain Combat Boot- Gortex

Military issue for Afghanistan, great looking, badass boot. Gortex lined for cold, wet, and snowy conditions. Vibram soled with Nubuck leather upper. Great ankle support with a high abrasion band that goes around the boot. Rarely seen boot in the US, as these boots are only issued to soldiers deploying to Afghanistan. Very limited stock. Replacement cost is $220.

Military Kevlar Helmet

GI issue Kevlar helmet. Excellent complete helmets with sweatband and choice of woodland or desert covers. Helmets are available in a medium and a large size.

Newest Issue Desert Boots

Newest issue desert boots. Rough out leather with cordura nylon, speedlace system, Vibram soles. Some of the best boots the military has ever made.

Wet weather overshoes

Wet weather overshoes. Made to slip over shoes or boots to make them water proof. Extremely heavy duty rubber made for hard use.

Desert Boots

Original military issue desert boots. Rough out leather, speed lace system, with panama soles. Superbly made boots at huge savings. These boots are some of the most comfortable military boots ever made, brand new.

Gortex Desert Boots

Gore-tex military issue desert boots. Newest issue boots, speed lace, rough out leather with cordura nylon and vibram soles. These are some of the best boots the military has ever made.